2018 Tournaments

2018 – Barge Canal Tournament Schedule

OpenJune 16thCayuga LakeUnion Springs
ClubJune24thSilver LakeState Launch South End
ClubJuly 8thCayuga LakeDeans Cove
ClubJuly 22ndConesus LakeState Launch
Two DayAugust 4thPort BayNorth End of Bay
Two DayAugust 5thHoneoyeState Launch
ClubAugust 26thSeneca RiverFree Bridge DEC Launch
Away TournamentSept 8thSt Lawrence RiverSwan Bay
Money TournamentSept 16thConesus LakeState Launch
ClassicOct 6thTBATBA
ClassicOct 7thTBATBA

2018 – Barge Canal Tournament Standings

 Silver LakeCayugaConesusPort BayHoneoyeSeneca RiverSt. LawrenceTOTAL WEIGHTBEHIND LEADER
Steve Marr1514.509.0013.509.407.2016.2584.850
Jack Lowery12.458.108.308.8511.059.9523.8082.502.35
Mike Hathaway15.610.2510.0512.706.457.5510.3072.9011.95
Bill Terry15.752.656.509.503.956.409.8054.5530.30
Evan Luta17.4517.50011.4546.4038.45
Dan Bickel2.75012.505.803.705.1529.9054.95
Rob Jensen
Myron Ballard03.5509.6001.3010.3024.7560.10
Mike Morrin18.1018.1066.75
Shawn Ballone6.6078.25
Bill Barry4.454.4580.40
Tim Stackus0084.85

Tie Myron Ballard and Jack Lowrey – Largemouth – 5.45 lb
Jack Lowrey- Smallmouth -5.15 lb

2018 – Barge Canal Open Results

NamesBoatTotal # BassPounds OuncesLunker LargemouthLunker Smallmouth  
1st Eric Sullivan & Tom Russell1525.66.2
2nd Ryan & Kevin Park16521.44
3rd Willie Steinrotter & Bud Beckens6521.355.2
4th Mike Morrin & Jeff Trickler36520.75
5th Mike Trickler & Jonah Decory26520.35
6th Bib & Mike Salotti27519.95.55
7th Scott Homrighouse & Steve Marr42519.3
7th Glenn Snyder & Tom VanNederynen40519.3
9th Ken Lontes & Steve VanNederynen31519.155.25
10th George D,Andrea & Joe Horton25194.6
11th Dominic Altavilla & Andre Hallis11518.754.8
12th J.R. Levis & Tim Stackus38518.15
13th Potendo & Young24518.14.55
14th Mike Panaseyich34517.74.95
15th Brian & Tyler Bylotas23517.6
16th Gerry & Gerard Mcgeary13517.554.8
17thAnthony Gurio & Ryan Schreck33517.54.8
18th Scott Reyome & Ed Bresitte21517.14.1
19th Bob Reynolds & Mike Everts435174
20th Greg Kier & Dave Griffith20516.95.2
21st Clint Cornell & Chris Siclare32516.6
22nd Bret Loomis & Micheal Erwin41515.43.1
23rd Ken & Jared Hotchkiss19515.15
24thBob Brody37514.8
25th Chris Longo & Jeff Foster4514.13.6
25th Marc Talomie & Gregg Marsh10514.1
27th Kyle Chad Patrick17513.85
27th Nick Rawden & Ryan Dolan22513.85
29th Ed & Gary Lupo39513.83.45
30th David Wrisley & Ross Evancoe30513.53.2
31stChad Holmberg & Gary Huston18512.9
32nd Jim Hawkin & Dave Demarzio12512.65
33rd Jim Kulis & Ben Lane14512.153.7
34th Mike Richmond & Kevin Hamilton35124.05
35th Russell & Brad Acker15511.95
35th Tim Gavek & Jake Burkhart28511.953.3
36th John Houck & Kevin French29511.43.55
37th Skyler & George Jennings25510.2
38th Michael Economides & Mark wittis75104.5
39th Chris Cartwright & Chris Ripley558.85
40th Bob Quimby & Myron Ballard812.3
41st Michael Prior & Jim Johnston900
41st Will & Don Green3500

2018 – Classic Champions

2018 – Money Tournment

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