Jan 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called To Order 7:15pm Members Present; Bill Terry, Dan Bickel, Rob Jensen ,Mike Morrin, Jack Lowery Sec. Report;  Sec. read the minutes from the last meeting. They were approved and accepted. Treasurers Report; We have a positive balance in our account. Vice President /Tournament director Report; our 2017 awards banquet will be Jan. 20th at the SMS Lodge in Seneca Falls. The tournament committee will meet after the meeting to do the 2018 Schedule. Accepted and passed. Presidents Report; N/A Old Business; Mike pulled out his name for VP/ tournament director. So the sec. cast one vote and the officers remain the same. The club voted to spend $375.00 on the raffle prizes for the banquet. New Business; N/A Motion to adjoin 7:38pm


Dec.2018 Meeting called to order 7:03 Members Present: Shawn Ballon, Rob Jensen, Bill Terry, Dan Bickel, Jack Lowery, Steve Marr, Myron Ballard, Mike Morrin Tim Stackus Marc Talomie.   Sec. Report N/A Treas. Report; we are in the black VP/TD Report; 2018 Banquet will be Feb. 9th at the SMS lodge. times will be the same as last year. Rob needs a head count now. The menu for the banquet will be Chicken,ziti, Potatos, Sausage with peppers and onions, salad Old Business; N/A New Business; Nomination of officers Mike Morrin was nominated for President he accepted, Shawn is not running again, Sec. Bill Terry, Treas. Dan Bickel, Steve Marr was nominated for VP/TD, Rob is not running again. Dues are due for next year. Motion to adjourn 8:00 Steve Marr 2nd Myron Ballard