Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules


1.    To qualify for a tournament, anglers must have attended at least one monthly club meeting.

2.    Each angler will is required to attend the Partner Draw on the Friday preceding the tournament, the exception being the Away Tournament Sign-in will be from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. No late sign-ins will be allowed. Anglers unable to attend must contact the Tournament Director and/or another member to sign them in. All fees must be paid at sign-in (cash only if not prepaid), even if someone is signing you up. Calcutta will be completed prior to partner draw. Boaters will blind draw for boat position and partner. Pre-paid non-boaters have preference in the case of more non-boaters than boaters. Partners can opt to take a third angler. Boaters without partners may fish together If they mutually agree to do so. If a boater has fished alone for one tournament, must fish with a partner the next tournament provided there are enough non-boaters to do so. No two contestants shall fish together no more than twice in a season or one day in a multiple day event

3.    The non-boater is required to offer a minimum of $30.00 towards operating expenses. The non-boater is responsible for all launch fees. The $30.00 minimum must be paid prior to the start of the tournament A discussion should be held between partners prior to take off to determine boating route and fishing locations. Each partner is entitled to choose the fishing location for one half of the tournament day. Boat owners shall retain operational control of the boat, unless he/she chooses not to. Any boating contestant found operating the boat in an obvious and deliberate manner to handicap their partner will be disqualified. If contestants are not able to fish with their assigned partner it shall be up to the Tournament Director to reassign partners.

4.    Contestant’s boats must be a minimum of 16 feet in length, have a 50-hp minimum and meet all U.S. Coast Guard and Sheriff Department safety requirements. All boats are required to have operating kill switches and live wells. These will be checked prior to take off at boat inspection.

5.    Each contestant should be at the launch site 60 minutes prior to take-off. They will be given the current time and time of weigh-in. The Tournament Directors timepiece is the only official timepiece. Each contestant is required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life preserver anytime the combustion engine is operating above idle. It is the responsibility of each contestant to provide their own life preserver. Anglers fishing alone may be required to wear their life preserver throughout the day if the Tournament Director deems it unsafe not to.

6.    A tournament will be 8 hours long, unless announced differently by the Tournament Director. Angler(s) arriving late, for take-off, must find the Tournament Director or a member of the Tournament Advisory Board for boat check prior to fishing. Anglers not doing so will have their catch disqualified.

7.    Partners must stay together and in sight of each other until the tournament end. Each contestant must arrive back at the weigh-in site at the prescribed time. Anglers must check in even if they do not catch any fish. A penalty of 8oz(0.51bs)per minute will be assessed to any late contestant. After 15 minutes, a late contestant will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any late penalties will be deducted from the contestants Junker fish. The Tournament Director will inform any contestant upon arrival when they are late and the amount of time they are late.

8.    Only artificial baits may be used. No “live bait” or prepared bait will be permitted, with the exception of pork chunks, strips, etc. Only one casting, spinning, or spin-casting rod and reel may be used at any given time. All other types are prohibited. Rods over 8′ in length are not permitted. Trolling is prohibited. Anglers may not leave the boat to land fish.

9.    During tournament hours, competing boats may not fish within 50 feet of each other. Fishing near competing or non-competing boats should be done with their permission.

10.  Only a 5 fish limit of largemouth and/or small mouth bass may be entered. All bass must measure at least 12 inches (except Black Lake 15 inches) in length, measured with mouth and tail closed. The Tournament Director’s bump board is the only official board accepted for measuring fish. Any fish weighed in that is under the minimum length, will be weighed separately and subtracted from remaining legal fish caught that day. Any penalty will also be deducted from contestant’s Junker fish. There will be no culling at the weigh-in. Any angler brining more than 5 legal fish to the scales will have their largest fish removed from their catch until 5 fish remain.

11.  Each contestant will make every effort to keep their fish alive and in good health. A penalty of 4oz (0.2501bs) will be assessed for each dead fish weighed in. Any penalty will be subtracted from the contestant’s total weight. There will be no culling of dead fish ( only live can be culled). All live fish will be released directly after weighing them.

12.  Contestants must verify your catch by signing the weigh-in slip, before leaving the scales. The Tournament Director will inform all contestants as to the official end of weigh-in. In case of a tie the payout will be combined and divided equally. Any protest from contestants must be given to the Tournament Director, in writing, within 15 minutes of the completion of the weigh-in. The Tournament Director will inform all contestants as to the official end of the tournament. Any member of the Tournament Advisory Board involved in a protest or violation will be removed from the decision making process. Alternate TAB members, club officers (starting with the President), and committee member will be used to fill out the TAB (to 5) if such a situation occurs. All decisions regarding any aspect of the club tournament ultimately rest with the Tournament Director and his/her officials. THEIR DECISIONS ARE FINAL!

13.  No drugs or alcohol are allowed during tournament hours. Any contestant arriving at the tournament site under the influence will be disqualified. Any contestant failing to abide by any of our rules and/or New York State rules and regulations, any report of illegal and/or unsportsmanlike behavior will result in penalties up to and including Disqualification. That even includes speeding though posted speed zone. This will no longer be over looked. Most lakes have a 45mph speed limit. This is not going to be enforced on open water. What is going to be enforced is any 5 mph or 10 mph zone violations. These areas are posted for your safety and the safety of others. There is no more letting it slide, it will be automatic disqualification, for the boater only as long as the non-boater tells the Tournament Director and/or Club Official or else both boater and non-boater could be disqualified.

14.  The tournament entry fee is $30.00 for each event. Two-day tournaments are considered one event. The prize list will consist of 100% of all entry fees payable as follows:$5.00 from each entry will go towards money tournament( non-points tournament) one-day event First $50.00 will be paid for lunker, with the remainder split 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10% from 1st-5th place (if enough people sign up) Two-day events First $50.00 will be paid for two-day lunker, with the remainder split same as one-day for total of both days.

15.   At the end of the tournament schedule the individual with the most accumulated weight using the current scoring method will be declared “Bass Angler of the Year” The largest largemouth bass and largest smallmouth bass caught in any point’s tournament not the classic will receive the “Lunker of the Year” for largemouth and “Lunker of the Year” smallmouth.

16. Money tournament will have an entry fee of $50.00, $10.00 of the entry fee will go to lunker and $10.00 will go to Calcutta. no points will be awarded for this tournament. Payout will depend on number of entries. Members must fish 4 points tournaments to qualify to fish this tournament.



1. All tournament rules apply.

2.Most fish 3 points tournaments to qualify for the Classic.

3.The classic is a no entry fee tournament.

4.The qualifiers are determined as follows: only the top ten will qualify the top 5 with the most accumulated weight from the points tournaments. the top 5 will be referred to as the classic champions. From 6th to tenth will be the classic contenders.

5. If any qualifier decides not to compete in the classic, his/her name will be eliminated and no additions will be made to the list of classic champions. If there’s an insufficient number of contenders to pair with the champions, than beginning with the 1st place champion, they will have the option to fish alone. The process will continue until all remaining champions and contenders are paired. Classic champions are responsible for all expenses. Unless two champions are paired together than they will split expenses.

6. The classic tournament meeting will be the Wednesday before the tournament at 7:00pm after that the two lakes drawn will be off limits. The partner drawing will be automatic based on the angler of the year standings the highest place contender will be paired with the highest place champion.

7. Format; The classic champions will compete only against each other as will the classic contenders. Blast off order for day one will be based on the order of the angler of the year standings. Scoring The overall final standings will be determined by combining each individuals day 1 and day 2 weight. In case of a tie, the  competitor with the highest one day weight ( for day 1 or day 2) will earn the highest position. The club classic champion will be determined by the classic champion with the highest two day weight total.

8. Payout; To be determined by budget allotment and agreed upon by all club officers. Allotment will be divided 70% to classic champions and 20% to classic contenders and 5% to over all lunker for each group. There will be two separate Calcutta,s , one for each group, Limited to $20.00 for each fisherman. Calcutta,s are voluntary. An optional lunker pool for each day ( $10.00 per member per day) for each group is also voluntary.

9. Location: Day 1 and day 2 will be held on different bodies of water. The same two lakes can not be fished two years in a row. The lakes to be fish will be selected by random draw from the lakes on our regular tournament schedule except the away tournament and other bodies of water that will take a bass boat. The decision on whether to eliminate any of these locations from the draw, for any reason, will be made by the club.

10. Additionally, each contestant can buy a maximum of 4 chances (2 per day) for a better chance to fish there favorite body of water. At a cost of a dollar per chance. This will be a 50/50 drawing for the first lake drawn. If the first lake drawn dosen,t have a name on it the money will go to the club treasury.