Meeting Minutes

July Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm, Members present; Shawn, Bill, Rob, Dan, Myron

Sec. ; minutes where read from the June meeting and accepted.

Treasures; Report ,We have money in the bank.

V. P./tournament Directors report; congratulation,s to the winners of the first two tournaments and the next points tournaments is on Conesus on July 22nd.

Pres. Report None

Old business N/A

New business; We are unable to field a 6man team this year. So we talked about what to do with the money that we will have after the raffle. A few things we talked about was giving more to the money tournament, doing more for the banquet, getting hats for the members. It was tabled for now until we see what we will have after the raffle.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.








I will Have the Gun Raffle tickets at the Trout Derby weight in.

I will be there sunday afternoon and Monday morning until noon.